Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A Cuttin' And A Pastin'

Here's what I've been cracking out through the wooly haze of bailey's and crisps: What thinketh thou?

Friday, 10 December 2010


Having finally got my laptop back and subsequently being in receipt of a nice little comment from mum (big love to the muth btw) and her hilarious conker hating ways I have decided to showcase some more bits and bobbles of what I've been on with:

This is my Vauxhall Nova Botanical Sketchbook (I have yet to decide on a good name for this, hello suggestions box):
This is a particularly sensitive work for me because this was my brother's manual for our grandad's car, and it is illustrated with some rather beguiling notes such as: "Nova 0.0821918 ... Civic 0.0818182 LOL LOL" (!?!?!) Just some little mechanic humour for you there.

ANYWAY have a look at the fascinating dichtomy between the observation of technological/organic processes WHAT a mouthful: