Monday, 1 November 2010

Preliminary Preliminary.

Here are some VERY preliminary sketches for an idea for a film I'm going to make. And they look shit not only because they are a bit shit but because my scanner is just an awkward bitch who doesn't like to play fair and scan stuff properly AUGH SULK.

Anyway I'm trying this year to PEEL MYSELF AWAY from the tradish and break into something new. So coming your way soon will be some papier mache models of ruins placed in my cooker. In the words of Scar of Lion King fame, and also the scouts: BE PREPARED.

Croydon is not an Exciting Place.

Here's a quick Q&A: have you ever thought you had a condition known as synaesthesia? You know, the one where you hear a tune and you start seeing all manner of beautiful colours and shapes? Yeah. Well after trying my damndest to make a visual response to sounds made in CROYDON I figured....

I do not have that shit.