Contextual Statement

My current body of work was initially triggered by the simple juxtaposition of organic and inorganic structures.  The work that evidences this has a very sculptural feel, including overgrown pieces of outdated technology such as cassette players and car radios.  I am particularly interested in the use of the organic in genres such as science fiction where it becomes a supernatural medium which challenges the interests of humanity –The Drowned World by JG Ballard was of particular interest as the visual imagery it evoked- that of the space taken up by discarded technology being reclaimed by this formidable greenery was something I really wanted to appropriate. Romanticism also plays a large role in the theoretical basis of my work- the overgrown ruins in particular - to which I have found the paintings of John Martin to be especially informative. 

I have since narrowed down the mediums used in my work- the ideas of the organic/inorganic manifest themselves in the form of altered manuals – these allow me to juxtapose two highly concentrated sources of information on the organic (botanical drawing or wildlife spotting) and inorganic (Haynes car manualsI have worked both into the manuals and made collages using photocopies from both types of manual.