Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sheer laziness.

So maybe you haven't heard of yours truly of late. Might one presume that I have been sat on my batty doing a combination of bugger all and nothing? Nay, ye may not. I have actually been on many a research mission to such places as Wisley gardens where I spent a great length of time in big steamy greenhouses poking around a lot of Lepismium Marinerium and Semperviviums (that's climbing shrubs and Houseleeks to you, padre), I also went on an expedition to Sissinghurst garden where I utilised my macro setting to it's full extent photographing leaves. I also did this at another place whose name I have forgotten but really I spent a lot of time there having cream tea so maybe that doesn't count as work.

ANYWAY, my point is that you shall soon be party and privy to a bit of work on here, but in the mean time I would reccomend you engage yourself in admiring the above picture, taken with scuffed knees at Sissinghurst.

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